Women’s Health Services in Turnersville, NJ

Women’s Health Services

Turnersville, New Jersey is located in Gloucester County. Women’s Health Associates is proud to serve Turnersville and its surrounding areas in Gloucester County and Washington Township with our trusted women’s health services. We recommend women begin seeing us upon their first menstruation, and then once a year throughout their life for optimal health monitoring. You can find us in the Fries Mill Pavillions on 188 Fries Mill Road in Turnersville, NJ near Route 655.

Our healthcare services in Turnersville serve women at the various ages and stages of their lives. These services include:

Your Daughter’s First Gynecology Visit

From the moment your daughter gets her first period, she should make an appointment at Women’s Health Associates for an external exam. This allows her doctor to answer any questions she might have about menstruation, discuss irregularities, possibilities of contraception, and establish an open dialogue.

Family Planning in New Jersey:

Family planning encompasses planning to have a child or taking precautions to avoid unwanted pregnancy. In Turnersville, we offer a variety of contraception to meet the lifestyles and needs of each unique patient.

We also provide checkups for patients and their partner or spouse looking to have a baby. A checkup is important to ensure that you are both healthy enough to conceive and to address any health issues if they arise, prior to pregnancy when it is safer.

Prenatal, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Care:

Pretty sure you are pregnant? Congratulations! Come into the Turnersville Women’s Health Associates practice to have us confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound. From there, we will prescribe you prenatal vitamins and schedule regular appointments to check in on you and your baby’s health. Regular checkups are important to ensure that you carry a healthy baby to full term.

One of our expert obstetricians will guide you through the entire delivery process according to a pre-developed birthing plan. This exciting process will be as stress-free as possible.

Gynecological Services in New Jersey

Other gynecological services in Turnersville, NJ include STI screenings, Pap smear, HPV Vaccination, treatment of infections, pain management, and surgeries. For women going through menopause in Turnersville, we will help you through the process to make it as easy and comfortable as possible.

Women’s Health Associates in Turnersville, New Jersey is the trusted provider of women’s health services in the area. With years of experience in compassionate and safe care, we pride ourselves on our attention to patients and helping them live healthy lives. Schedule an appointment today by contacting us online, or calling us in Turnersville at (856) 629-1400. We hope to see you soon!