At Women’s Health Associates, we are committed to providing comprehensive gynecological care to women in the New Jersey area. Our high-quality care encompasses the many different stages of a woman’s life and health including, but not limited to, adolescent care, family planning, and menopause.

Our skilled staff of doctors has expertise in performing a wide variety of gynecological surgeries and in detecting health issues in women early on. This allows us to proactively care for our patients in a considerate and sensitive environment.

First Gynecology Exam

As an adolescent, the thought of going to a gynecologist might sound a little unnerving. We want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process. We provide our patients with a plethora of information on our website so that they know exactly what to expect during their first exam. The first exam will typically educate the patient on menstruation, STI protection, and the different forms of contraception. We encourage adolescents to ask any questions they may have.


Family Planning and Contraception in  New Jersey

Whether you want to avoid pregnancy or start planning a family, Women’s Health Associates is here to help you. We provide all forms of contraception, making it easy to find a suitable match for each patient and her unique lifestyle. Looking to start a family? Our obstetrics team will walk you through the entire process from planning to postpartum. We have board-certified midwives on staff to provide you with an extra hand throughout this exciting time in order to make the process as stress-free as possible. With the help of Women’s First Associates, you will be able to plan for if and when you want to start a family.

Pap Smear In NJ

We provide pap smears to our patients, and recommend a test every 2-3 years. Pap smears are a part of a regular gynecological exam and allow us to test for STI’s and cervical cancer. It is important to get tested if you are sexually active to ensure that any infections are caught early and can be taken care of without further harm to your body.

We will also check for redness and ask you if you have been feeling any pain or itching while urinating or during intercourse. This could be a sign of a UTI, endometriosis, or a number of other infections. It is important to see your physician if you experience any discomfort so that we can treat you and get you back to feeling healthy.

Breast Exam’s in New Jersey

During your gynecological exam, your doctor will perform a routine breast exam to check for any irregularities that may point to breast cancer. Your doctor at Women’s Health Associates will also teach you how to perform the exam on yourself to feel for lumps or discoloration, so that you can contact us if you ever sense anything out of the ordinary.

Gynecological Surgery for New Jersey

For patients in the New Jersey area in need of gynecological surgery, Women’s Health Associates provides expert and quality care. Surgeries we have experience in include:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Laparoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Biopsy
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Colposcopy


Some of these procedures are performed conveniently from our office while others will be performed on an outpatient basis from a local hospital.

Menopause in New Jersey

The perimenopausal and menopausal stages usually effect women as they enter their 40s and 50s, resulting in a myriad of changes both emotionally and physically. Women’s Health Associates will guide you through this process to make it as comfortable and stress-free as possible for you so that symptoms are alleviated.

The expert gynecological care provided by the doctors at Women’s Health Associates is why we are the trusted provider of women’s health in New Jersey. Schedule your appointment today by calling our Voorhees Office at (856) 202-3965, or our Turnersville Office at (856) 629-1400, or contact us online.


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