Obstetrics & Gynecology in Voorhees

Women’s Health Services in Voorhees

Voorhees, New Jersey is located in South Jersey in Camden County. Our office is located at the Pavillions of Voorhees at 2301 Evesham Road, Suite 602 just past the Woodcrest Country Club.

The Women’s Health Associates practice in Voorhees, New Jersey, is where we provide a variety of health services for women. Our staff of expert, caring, and skilled doctors provide comprehensive healthcare to our valued patients in the area. All of our women’s healthcare services are offered and provided at the Voorhees, New Jersey office.

Obstetrics in Voorhees

From the moment you and your partner decide to start thinking about having a baby, to after the birth, your obstetrician in Voorhees from Women’s Health Associates will be by your side. Our obstetric services in Voorhees include:

    • Preconception Care

When you and your partner are beginning to discuss the idea of having a baby, it is important for you to come into the Voorhees office for a check up. We will make sure that both of you are healthy enough to conceive.

    • Prenatal Care

After taking a pregnancy test, we will invite you into our office to confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound. During this exciting time in your life, we will have you in for regular checkups to make sure everything is running smooth with mom and baby throughout the pregnancy.

    • Delivery

When delivery day has finally approached, you can count on your doctor to be there to deliver your bundle of joy safely. We will have a birth plan prepared according to your desires, and stick to that plan safely. Our doctors will safely deliver vaginally or cesarean in Voorhees depending on the patient’s unique pregnancy.

    • Postpartum Care

The care doesn’t stop at delivery. Women’s Health Associates in Voorhees will see you after your delivery to ensure that you are in optimal health.

Midwife in Voorhees

Patients of Women’s Health Associates in Voorhees have access to our midwives, should they want extra assistance throughout their pregnancy. A midwife is basically an extra set of hands trained in providing emotional and physical support throughout the childbirth process. Our midwives perform at-home births in Voorhees and hospital births as well.

Gynecology in Voorhees

Need a gynecologist in the Voorhees area? Our gynecologists provide a range of health services to women seeking expert and compassionate healthcare. Our gynecology services in Voorhees include:

    • Pap Smear Test

This important test is recommended every 2 years for women. It detects cervical cancer, HPV, and various infections.

    • Breast Exam

A comprehensive exam will include a breast check for lumps or discoloration. Our specialists in Voorhees will teach you to perform a self-check to detect lumps that may lead to breast cancer.

    • Contraception

Family planning encompasses choosing the right contraception for your lifestyle and body to prevent unplanned pregnancy. We provide all forms of birth control and contraception in Voorhees.

    • Surgery

Many surgeries can be performed conveniently from our Voorhees practice, while others will be performed at a local hospital.

    • STI Screenings

If you are sexually active, it is important to have a yearly STI screening so that STI’s (if present) can be identified and treated.

    • HPV Vaccines

Women are recommended the HPV vaccine between the ages of 11-12, but can get it later if they have not received it yet.

    • Screening and Treatment for a variety of infections

Itching, redness, burning, and/or pain while urinating or during intercourse should be addressed with your doctor at Women’s Health Associates.<

Call our Voorhees office today at (856) 772-2066 to schedule and appointment for any of our trusted women’s health services. We look forward to serving you in Voorhees.