Cesarean Section in New Jersey

A cesarean section, more commonly referred to as a C-Section, is the method of delivering a baby through an incision in the woman’s abdomen and uterus. A cesarean section is sometimes planned in advance. After seeing your doctor at Women’s Health Associates, you will develop a plan for childbirth. A cesarean section may be planned in accordance with your obstetrician if your pregnancy calls for it.

Cases in which a pregnancy would call for a cesarean section would be:

  • You are having multiples (one baby may be birthed vaginally, and then the other might require a C-section)
  • The baby is breached in the womb.
  • Your baby has some sort of deformity or risk that would make vaginal birth too risky.
  • You have had more than one C-Section in the past.
  • You are HIV-positive or have some other health risk.

There are several other reasons or circumstances that your doctor may encourage the baby be born via cesarean section. Your obstetrician at Women’s Health Associates will monitor your baby throughout the pregnancy to determine if a C-section would be a safer mode of delivery. Our number one priority is ensuring the safe and health of both the mother and baby.

Emergency C-Section in New Jersey

In some instances, a plan may be made throughout the pregnancy to have the baby delivered vaginally. Sometimes, everything will go according to plan until right up to delivery where it will be necessary for a C-Section to be performed. This switch in the birth plan will only be made in emergency situations in order to ensure the health of the baby and mom. Examples of situations where an emergency C-Section will be required include:

  • The cervix stops dilating or the baby is unable to move down the birth canal.
  • The baby’s heart rate becomes too unstable to continue through natural birth.
  • The mother has a genital herpes outbreak when her water breaks or right before giving birth.
  • The umbilical cord slips through the cervix, threatening the baby’s oxygen supply.
  • The placenta separates from the uterine wall, another threat to baby’s oxygen supply.

Before a C-Section, your doctor will explain why he or she believes you need to have the procedure. While it may seem overwhelming to have your plans changed, it is important to understand that your doctor has you and your baby’s best interests in mind. An epidural or spinal block will be administered to numb the mom, but still allow for her to be alert during the birth. In most cases, a screen will be put up so that you don’t have to see the incision being made in the lower abdomen and uterus. Your partner will usually be allowed to sit by your head to witness the birth.

Following the delivery of the placenta, your doctor will carefully stitch you up and give you time to enjoy the company of your beautiful newborn.

The doctors at Women’s Health Associates are skilled in safely delivering newborns via Cesarean Section. Make an appointment with us today to discuss your birth options, and for peace of mind that you will be under the care of the best obstetricians in New Jersey.